Sorry ClipsNation, Corporations are Not People and Vox Can Not, Will Not Give a Damn

...because to do so would not be in their best interests.

I remember exactly where I was back in October, 2009, bored as hell because our weekly staff meeting was delayed. I logged on my desktop and googled (maybe Yahoo’ed back then) ‘Clippers’.

That’s how I discovered Steve Perrin and the Smooth-Jazz of ClipsNation Basketball Talk. The style was totally unique and as ClipsNation evolved, it reached a wide-ranging, eclectic and broad-based audience. Of course, you do have to give some credit to the Lob-City era for helping the site reach its apex.

So what happened? Honestly, it’s the same thing that happens to all corporations. It evolved. Whether it’s the economy, the competition, technology or whatever, corporations evolve internally and externally, continuously. Mergers, acquisitions, downsizing, closures and layoffs are merely earthquakes along the corporate fault-lines. It’s also where Lucas Hann, his guys and 200 other people got fucked.

Anyway, here’s my jump-off point: Whether you’re pissed or not, you still have to address the challenge in front of you. Since you have an opportunity to continue beyond now, take it dammit! This time, give us (and SB) some of the best, boldest, most imaginative (shit) that you can pull out of your collective asses! That’s how you gain whatever little control you’ll ever have over what happens next.

So get over being pissed at Vox! Corporations-are-not-people and they really don’t give a damn! Instead, maybe blow your own mind! Maybe (gulp) take yourselves down a notch or two with a slice of humble pie. But you’re the victims right? Exactly. So the only thing left to do is to pull yourselves out of the angry, confused muck and evolve, just like Vox did.

Good luck in your journey.


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