Reflections on the Rocket's loss

Tough loss. Tale of two halves. The Rox are a very good team and a legit threat to win it all. They showed their mettle. Clearly, the Rox 2d half game plan was to want the game more and with a guy like Russ, who's an extremely intense player, that's quite doable. Lessen learned for the Clips: gotta bring the intensity for both halves and not take any contender lightly. Other observations:

Zu: Had a bad game, plain and simple and he can be better. He helped out too much and left Capella wide open for easy scores. Bad strategy. Better strategy is to stay on your man. Capella is very good and his teammates find him when they're doubled. Don't abandon Zu just yet.

Shamet: Did you see his stellar pass, in traffic, to Trez for the easy score. That's called threading the needle. Shamet has some skills that need to be on display more. He can obviously do more than just be a spot up shooter. Did we ever see Redick make such a stellar pass? I don't thnk so.

Composure: Gotta learn from that 2d half meltdown. Quite embarassing. Didn't happen in the first half cuz we were leading and playing free. Once they took the lead in the 2d half, we tightened up, tensed up and the handwriting was on the wall. It was basically over. Another lesson learned, hopefully.

The Stars: gotta trust your teammates more. Shamet had just drained a 3 and the next Clip possession found PG trapped at the top with a wide open Shamet. Rather than pass to Landry, PG played one on two and forced a bad shot. Passing to Landry would have been the move.

In the end, the loss was probly a good thing, humbling and provides an xlnt teaching exercise. Definitely not time to panic and make wholesale changes.

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