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Same Old Clippers: Clippers Losses, Kawhi’s Struggles, Lakers and Bucks Surging, and NBA Access Journalism

Rob and Louis chat about the Clippers’ losses to the Spurs and the Bucks, Kawhi Leonard’s slow start to the year, and the threat of other title contenders like the Bucks and Lakers. They then discuss access journalism and media coverage in the NBA, and how that ties in to the ratings issues.

Los Angeles Clippers v Milwaukee Bucks Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Since the last episode of Same Old Clippers, the Clips have lost twice, which of course means a double episode of the show. First off, the guys discuss those losses, and what exactly happened that led to the Clippers dropping both games. Then, they segue into Kawhi Leonard’s issues, which surprisingly center around his offensive game and inconsistent shooting. From there, they move into a discussion on the Clippers’ competition for the NBA Championship, focusing on the suddenly joyous Lakers and the machine-like Bucks. Finally, the two go on a lengthy diatribe against access journalism in the NBA, how that’s damaging content and coverage, and why that plays into the NBA’s weak rankings this season.

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