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A Q&A with Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles on Their New Podcast, Memories as Clippers, and More

Clips Nation got an exclusive interview with two Clippers’ OGs on the day their new podcast launches.

Two of Clipper Nation’s favorite players are coming back. Darius Miles and Quentin Richardson are returning with a new podcast series called, “Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson & Darius Miles”.

The duo teamed up with The Players’ Tribune to bring a brutally honest and hilarious eleven-episode podcast series. Some of the confirmed special guests are: Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler, Baron Davis, and Wilson Chandler.

To celebrate the accomplishment, we sat down with the duo for an interview on the podcast, their turn towards members of the media, and memories as Clippers.

1) What was the motivation behind doing this podcast?

Darius - Real people talking real shit, good vibes only.

Q - Our motivation was that we wanted to give the culture a player perspective and glimpse into some of the stories that fans never get to know about. Also, we’re gonna be brutally honest with these guests at all times. Our aim is positivity only. We want our guests to feel like they are hanging out and cooking with some OGs.

2) What can we expect?

Q - The listeners can expect a lot of great, funny stories and many that they haven’t heard before or anywhere else. Candid perspectives on current state of the NBA as well as opinions on many things within the culture.

3) Knowing what it’s like to have media attention on you as an athlete, what’s it like being on the other side, and how do you plan on getting authentic, real dialogue from the players?

Q - Being on this side of the “media” has been cool so far. Many of the ppl we have reached out to and had come on the pod we have real relationships with, and that makes for authentic and real conversations. The fact that we have a relationship with them makes for better untold stories as well.

4) What was your favorite moment together on the Clippers?

Darius - Just being on a team that was like a college team but without the school.

Q - It’s hard to pick out just one moment and say it was my favorite with the clippers because there were so many. I will say that both our rookie and sophomore year being a part of all star weekend both years even though it was just the rookie/sophomore game was pretty awesome, especially with us both being there together both times.

5) Last month, the Clippers honored you and showed a tribute video. The crowd gave you a standing ovation. What was that feeling like?

Darius - It felt good to get that love from Clippers as a organization and the fans who remember us.

Q - Last month going back to Staples Center and being honored at the game was awesome! It was great to be back in the arena and to feel the love from ClipperNation. To still see fans wearing our jerseys and still repping us was very humbling and cool to see that they still rock with us.

6) For Q-Rich - Do any modern players have a 3 point celebration that you enjoy?

Q - I’ve seen a few guys pull the arrow out from over their shoulder and shoots it with the three . And generally anything that Steph Curry does after his 3s because he has great celebrations.

The first episode of “Knuckleheads with Quentin Richardson & Darius Miles” will premiere later today on February 19. It’s fantastic to see some former, beloved Clippers players receive some love, so don’t miss out.