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Garrett Temple on the Clippers: “I love my teammates”

Call him “G-Temp”

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The Clippers recently acquired five new players, and we’re here today to teach you about veteran Garrett Temple.

Garrett Temple is a 32 year old, 6′6″ G/F, with career averages of: 5.9 PPG / 2.1 RPG / 1.6 APG. He’s played for numerous other teams, and is known as a defensive player. That’s the info a fan could find with a simple Google search. So, we wanted to get you a more detailed Q&A from G-Temp himself.

What can Clipper fans expect from you?

“Being a defender, being a guy that’s team first, and knowing how to play the right way. I’m a guy that make some open threes, and make some shots. More than anything, just being that veteran defender, leader and team first guy.”

What do you make of the team so far?

“I love the team. I love my teammates. I’ve known a couple of the vets for a while. I’ve known Lou Will since high school, P-Bev since college, and got to know Gallo a little bit in South Africa this summer. It’s great man, the young guys love to learn.”

Is there a nickname you want fans to know you by?

“G-Temp. Nice and easy.”

The Clippers are truly a group of team-first players, and G-Temp is the perfect addition to that group. It’s easy to see why the chemistry of the new players gelled so quickly. We’ll be providing you with more details on each of the new Clipper acquisitions as the season rolls on. With that said, is there anything else you want to know about G-Temp?