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Do Not Forget That Tobias Harris Is Not 100%

He’s doing what he can to help an injured team.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

There’s been a lot of polarizing talk about Tobias Harris from Clipper fans on Twitter recently, and the record needs to be set straight.

Tobias Harris hasn’t been playing well: that much is clear. What needs to be established, is that he’s playing injured.

Harris suffered a shoulder strain on Thursday against the Lakers, and hasn’t been right since. It was also aggravated in warm ups prior to Saturday’s game against the Pistons. Unfortunately, the Clippers do not have the schedule on their side; less than 24 hours later after playing in Detroit, the team had to face the Toronto Raptors. In those 3 games Harris’ shooting has noticeably declined, at just 13-of-43 the past three games (30.2%), compared to his 49.8% season average.

He may not be listed on the injury report, or admit that he’s injured, but he is. The Clippers are already missing one of their top players in Danilo Gallinari, and are barely clinging to a playoff spot. All Tobias wants to do is help his team win, and it’s easy to forget that.

“I wanted to go out there and help our team the best way possible ... that’s just what it is, I don’t make any excuses for myself, but I’m going to use this day to try and get better and see what happens from there.” - Tobias Harris

There are times when fans are upset at a player for not playing through minor injuries, and Tobias is playing through his. There is absolutely no reason to be thinking negatively towards him during this slump. He’s not injured enough to sit out, but not healthy enough to be unaffected. Each day is a test drive for him, to figure out if he’s back to form.

“Yeah that was a way to test it out. It is what it is, I’ve always been a guy that plays through different things, I mean nobody is 100 percent, but obviously it would be a lot better if I was 100 percent. It’s no excuse regardless.” - Tobias Harris

Timing and health are everything in the NBA, and unfortunately neither of them are on the Clippers’ side during this injury. Remember that fact during Tobias’ injury, and before criticizing his recent play.

With that said, do you believe Tobias should completely sit out these games, even if he’s healthy enough to play?