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Multiple Clippers people told JJ Redick that Tobias Harris was one of the ‘all-time good guys’

The two former Clippers talked about their path through the NBA, why Tobias Harris turned down LA’s extension offer, and many other topics on “The JJ Redick Podcast.”

Denver Nuggets v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Former Clipper Tobias Harris (still sounds a little weird) joined teammate and fellow former Clipper J.J. Redick on his podcast Friday. The two talked about their path through the league, including once being traded for one another, playing for a few of the same coaches and teams, and finally ending up as teammates on the Philadelphia 76ers.

Both Harris and Redick are obviously two of the more well-liked players to come through Los Angeles, and Redick spoke to how beloved Harris in particular was by the Clippers.

“Within the first 24 hours [of the trade], I had probably five or six people from the Clippers reach out to me and be like, ‘Hey, take care of Tobias, he’s one of the all-time good guys,’” Redick said.

It is always nice to hear how the franchise looks out for its players, even when they are no longer on the team. Coming on the heels of Doc Rivers’ moving gesture to acknowledge Dirk Nowitzki in what may have been his last trip to Staples Center, this revelation reinforces the idea that the Clippers are a player-friendly organization. That is a good position to be in as LA hopes to attract some highly-regarded players this summer.

Harris and Redick also spoke about some other Clippers-related topics, including the beauty of Doc Rivers ATOs and how much they believed their bodies benefitted from Rivers’ infrequent practice schedule.

Redick later asked Harris — who has been around the league quite a bit — who his favorite teammate is (obviously not including his best friend Boban Marjanovic), and the two of them both settled on another former Clipper, who should be pretty easy to guess even if you don’t listen to the full episode.

Perhaps the most enlightening part of the conversation was when Redick had Harris talk about why he turned down LA’s extension offer over the summer, a reported $80 million over four years.

“It was a move that I decided with representation that we felt like when we looked at the market, and we looked at the cap, we looked at the available teams, we thought it was a good investment move to do,” Harris said. “I wouldn’t say it was easy, because at the end of the day it’s still $80 million.

“We were happy that the Clippers had offered that, but a thing for me was we didn’t want to get into a deal that later on could be another reason why you’re traded like four times.”

Harris believed that with the work he was doing over the offseason, combined with the type of role he would have with the Clippers during the year, he could be the best free-agent power forward in the summer of 2019. It may not earn him a no-trade clause, but Harris will more than likely get a better deal this summer than what LA offered last year.

I’d highly encourage you to listen to the whole show between Redick and Harris — it’s a very enjoyable listen and a nice way to check in on two great Clippers.