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Wilson Chandler: “I’ll do whatever Doc needs me to do, and fit in with the guys.”

He’s here to be a team player.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Wilson Chandler was sought after by the LA Clippers for years.

Coming off of multiple injuries that have sidelined him for months, Chandler is averaging a career low in minutes (11.5MPG), and points (1.7 PPG) with the Clippers. As a result, Clippers fans still haven’t had a chance to get acclimated to the new piece.

Despite the limited minutes, Chandler is on the Clippers to be a team player; he knows exactly what his role is. He gave Clippers Nation a brief introduction into what type of player he is.

What can Clipper fans expect from you?

“Just a guy that plays hard. I’ll do whatever Doc needs me to do, and fit in with the guys. Try to be a glue guy.”

Was it easier to fit in with a team that had previous teammates like Danilo Gallinari?

Gallinari is my guy, I know Pat Bev from Chicago, and I’ve always been a fan of Lou Will. We’ve got so many guys who play hard, and some great rookies.”

Do you have a nickname you want fans to call you?
“Just Will.”

In the modern era of the NBA, patience is truly a virtue; fans want results immediately. Chandler is on this team to be a glue guy, and to be a team player. Give him the time he needs in order to become the player he used to be.

No team in the NBA plays harder than the LA Clippers, and there’s a reason for that. When you analyze all of the players the Clippers acquired during the trade deadline, they all have one similar characteristic - they play hard.

The final weeks of the NBA season are a gigantic roller coaster ride, where the standings shift every single day. No one knows who the Clippers are going to face in the playoffs, but one thing is for certain, that team should expect a fight.