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JaMychal Green: “I’m gonna play hard, I’m gonna compete, and I’m not gonna back down.”

JaMychal Green introduces himself to Clipper Nation.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

JaMychal Green may not be a name most Clipper fans were familiar with, but he’s certainly surprised fans.

Since joining the Clippers, JaMychal has been a tremendous help off the bench, bolstering an already stacked bench lineup for the LA Clippers. He’s spent the entire off-season dedicating time to his three-point shot, and the results have showed on the court. JaMychal is having a career year from beyond the arc, jumping from 34% last year to 40% this year.

In the past 5 games he’s averaged: 11.6 PPG, 8.0 RPG, on 46% FG, and 38% from three. He’s a rare Swiss Army knife in the NBA, being able to defend, shoot threes, attack the paint, and just hustle. With that being said, here’s a small introduction for Clipper fans who may want to learn more about the new face.

What can Clipper fans expect from you?

“I’m gonna play hard, I’m gonna compete, and I’m not gonna back down.

Is there anyone on the team you’ve connected with so far?

“Lou, Montrezl, Pat Bev, and even the rookies. Everybody pretty much gets along here.

How has your time on the Clippers been so far?

“It’s been going good, we’ve been getting better each game. We starting to get chemistry, and winning always helps.”

Do you have a nickname you want fans to call you?

“Just call me J-Mike.”

JaMychal’s attitude is a perfect addition for this gritty LA Clippers team; a group that Doc Rivers describes as a “black top team.” A group that never backs down, imposes their will, brings the fight in every single game. Is there anything more you want to learn about JaMychal Green as the Clippers make their playoff push?