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TLTJTP: Clippers Fight Hard, But Fall as Expected in Game 1

Rob and Shap were not surprised that the Clippers lost by double digits in Oakland, but were disappointed by some of the offensive performances from the squad.

NBA: Playoffs-Los Angeles Clippers at Golden State Warriors Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Ok, take a moment to forget how poorly the Blazers and Nuggets are playing to focus on this Warriors team. They are incredibly good and will likely win this series rather convincingly, but the Clippers can improve on how they played in Game 1! The offense lagged, even though the defensive blueprint was a pretty savvy one. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Lou Williams, and Montrezl Harrell all stood out as being ready for the moment, but unfortunately the rest of the team did not. How can the team improve? Do the guys still bank on a sweep? Can we stop looking at the other teams we could have played? The guys talk a little bit more about this and the inevitable Warriors’ wins to come on the latest episode of the Lob, the Jam, the Podcast!