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Clippers Receive Praise From Around NBA After Shocking Game 5 Win Over Warriors

In the wake of the Clippers’ stunning win over the Warriors at Oracle, plenty of people are talking about the Clippers.

NBA: Playoffs-Los Angeles Clippers at Golden State Warriors Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Clippers beat the Warriors last night at Oracle to stave off elimination — and not on the basis of a semi-fluke 31 point comeback. They outplayed the Warriors most of the game, holding a lead from the early parts of the 2nd quarter until the end of the game, when the Warriors briefly tied and took the lead. The Clippers played great, disciplined defense, they moved the ball exceptionally well on offense, and they actually hit their shots when they needed to. It was a gusty, powerful performance, and one that the Clippers will need to summon again if they are to push the series to seven. However, even getting the series to six, and back to Staples Center, was enough to win them praise from all corners of the NBA.

The Media:

In addition to all the usual recaps and game summaries, there have been some other articles on the Clippers and what they’ve been able to do so far in the playoffs, and how that could play into this summer.

Zach Lowe, who wrote the definitive piece on the Lou Williams-Montrez Harrell connection a few weeks ago, shouted out the duo once more at the end of his (excellent) article on the winners and losers of the NBA’s 1st round. He also went a little more in-depth on the readiness of Landry Shamet and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to play big minutes against the Warriors, especially defensively.

Paolo Uggetti of the Ringer, just a day after writing about Shamet and Shai himself, expounded on Lou Williams’ shotmaking greatness and how the Warriors have not been able to stop him.

Kevin O’Connor, also of the Ringer, detailed how the Clippers might be able to land Kevin Durant and/or Kawhi Leonard this summer, and why those guys should be tempted by the Clippers’ depth and grittiness.

Former Clippers:

Throughout the evening, former Clippers players chimed in on the teams’ success and fight in taking it to the Warriors. Some were recent Clippers....

Some were a little less recent...

Other NBA Players:

But it wasn’t just media members and former Clips who chimed in. Plenty of other NBA players were watching the game, and they seemed mightily impressed, mostly with Lou Williams.

The Legends:

Finally, the Clippers got shouted out by some pretty big names with zero affiliation to the team whatsoever.

I’m sure I missed some tweets and stories, but the overall point is clear. These Clippers are for real, and are getting exposure at the highest level of the NBA. Their brand has never been better, and their players are respected far and wide. Let’s see if they can make magic happen one more time tomorrow night at Staples.