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Trent Redden to Remain with Clippers, Turns Down Pelicans’ Offer

The Clippers have kept all their key front office pieces for the crucial summer of 2019.

A couple weeks ago, reports came out that Clippers GM Michael Winger was being offered the role of President of Basketball Operations by the Minnesota Timberwolves, while Assistant GM Trent Redden would be given an interview for GM of the New Orleans Pelicans. With promotions in both rank (and, potentially salary) in two decent basketball situations, it seemed likely that one, or possibly both, might leave.

Instead, last week, Winger declined the Timberwolves’ interview to return to the Clippers, citing the team’s situation and favorable position. Today, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reported that while Redden did take the interview with former boss and new Pelicans POBO David Griffin, he too will be returning to the Clippers’ organization this summer.

This is a massive coup for the Clippers. Winger and Redden are two of the best front office executives in the NBA my almost all accounts, and are clearly desired by other teams for their skills and abilities. To keep them to stay at their current roles is incredible (though they probably both received raises for sticking around), and a testament to how strong this Clippers’ culture is, and how much belief everyone around the team has in the potential for this franchise to be great.

Not even a decade ago, the Clippers franchise was a joke, a laughingstock. Now, they’re acquiring and retaining the top basketball minds in the NBA due to the strength of what they’ve built.

Now, with the front office squared away, all eyes will turn towards the summer, the Clippers’ summer of destiny. One of the reasons Winger and Redden returned (maybe the primary reason) is that they feel like they have unfinished business. Let’s hope that the fully staffed and engaged front office is able to work some more magic this summer, and land one of those big free agent fishes the Clippers have been eyeing for years.