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2019 NBA Draft Lottery Plays Well for Clippers

Nothing earth shattering, but the offseason planning can now proceed for all but the four remaining teams in the playoffs.

NBA: NBA Draft Lottery Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Draft lottery is over, and it went about as well as it could for the Clippers considering they had no direct involvement. The New Orleans Pelicans jumped to get the 1st overall pick, which they will assuredly use to select Zion Williamson. This could theoretically mean they have a better chance to keep him, but it was reported shortly after the lottery that he still wants a trade.

The good news for the Clippers is that none of the other primary targets for an Anthony Davis trade (Celtics, Lakers, Knicks) got the first pick. While the Knicks and Lakers got the 3rd and 4th picks, respectively, this is a one-player draft, and neither of those picks are likely to hold that great amount of weight within the Pelicans’ front office. Additionally, with Kyrie Irving seemingly on the outs in Boston, the Celtics moving their pieces for him looks a bit less likely, reducing the likelihood of their making a strong pursuit. The Knicks, too, could be out — their package without Zion simply can’t compare to rivals, and if they land Kevin Durant and/or Irving, they might be satisfied with them without Davis. Essentially, without doing a thing, the Clippers’ odds of landing Anthony Davis this summer probably increased.

Nothing else of huge importance happened in the lottery — almost anything that matters to the Clippers, or the NBA at large, revolves around Zion and the AD sweepstakes. The only other matter that might be of note is that the Wizards fell from the projected 6th spot to 9th, which might increase the possibility of a Bradley Beal trade.

With the lottery over, 26 teams can now start to focus on the draft, and the resulting trades and moves that will result from it. The Clippers have the 48th and 56th picks in the draft, and will certainly start having draft workouts in the near future. Stay tuned for more draft and offseason coverage, and prepare for an eventful summer!

Draft Order:

1st - Pelicans

2nd - Grizzlies

3rd - Knicks

4th - Lakers

5th - Cavs

6th - Suns

7th - Bulls

8th - Hawks

9th - Wizards

10th - Hawks

11th - Timberwolves

12th - Hornets

13th - Heat

14th - Celtics