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The Clippers and the rest of the NBA react to Patrick Beverley’s All-Defense Snub

Players around the league came to the defense of the Clippers perimeter stopper.

Los Angeles Clippers v Golden State Warriors - Game Two Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Patrick Beverley was somewhat surprisingly left off the NBA’s All-Defense teams, and his exclusion created a bit of a stir on social media.

First of all, there was Beverley’s instant reaction:

His Clippers teammates Lou Williams and Jerome Robinson, who probably have spent their fair share of time going up against Beverley in practice, were none too pleased, either. Both of them re-posted the same reaction on Instagram.

Instagram (@j_rob12)

The rest of the league started to chime in in Beverley’s defense as well.

Dwyane Wade, one of Beverley’s Chicago brethren, wasn’t having it.

That prompted a response from Michele Roberts, the Executive Director of the NBA Players Association, who supports the players’ right to vote on these awards.

One of the NBA’s most prolific tweeters, Jared Dudley, was a bit more nuanced in his reaction. His primary objection was the omission of Houston’s P.J. Tucker, but Dudley did concede that Beverley deserved credit for leading the defense of a winning team.

And finally, TNT announcer (and potentially future Clippers broadcaster?) Reggie Miller did the right thing by revealing his full ballot. There’s no point in saying Beverley got snubbed if you’re not willing to say whose spot he should take. In Miller’s case, that was Eric Bledsoe, who actually made the first team.

Beverley was very appreciative of the support, thanking everyone who called out his snub. But he also showed respect for the players who were awarded before resolving to be better next year. As Robert Flom pointed out yesterday, there was really no need to give Beverley an extra chip on his shoulder.