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2019 NBA Draft Thread

This should be fun!

NBA: NBA Draft Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the 2019 NBA Draft has basically been underway for hours with all the moves that have taken place so far. The three major ones are:

Hawks trade: 8, 17, 35

Pelicans trade: 4, Solomon Hill, 57, and future 2nd

Wolves trade: Dario Saric, 11

Suns trade: 6

Suns trade: TJ Warren

Pacers trade: 32

My basic thoughts on these are that, wow, David Griffin is killing it so far. He’s stockpiled a huge amount of assets in just a few weeks on the job, and looks poised to have the Pelicans set for the next decade. The Suns, shockingly, have also done well, getting a good asset for TJ Warren, and moving down in a bad draft while also acquiring a good, young veteran in Saric.

From a Clippers perspective, the Pacers were one of the teams that could have taken Danilo Gallinari’s salary and would have had room for him. Their acquisition of Warren thus removes them as a Gallo suitor, as does the Jazz’s trade for Conley yesterday. Expect lots more to happen over the next few hours, with the Clippers certainly a candidate to get involved.

Comment on the draft and all associated trades/moves below!