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Pat Beverley Could Command a $14-15 Million Salary in Free Agency, per Bobby Marks

This is great for Pat, but if this is true, it will make it tough for the Clippers to keep him.

NBA: Playoffs-Los Angeles Clippers at Golden State Warriors Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Zach Lowe had Bobby Marks and Jonathan Givony of ESPN on his podcast (the Lowe Post) this morning to do a post-draft breakdown of what went on last night. In the midst of talk on the Chicago Bulls and their drafting of Coby White, attention briefly turned to Clippers’ point guard Pat Beverley.

Givony said Pat is “gonna have a pretty good market”, to which Lowe said “Patrick Beverley looks like he’s going to win free agency compared to what you would have expected two seasons ago”. Then, Marks cut in with “I thought he was a mid-level guy, like a $9 million guy, I think he’s going to get like $14 or $15 million.”

First of all, if Pat Beverley gets a contract like that, good for him. In seven seasons in the NBA, Pat has made around $26 million. So, if he gets a multi-year deal for an average value as high as Marks said, he would easily clear that margin in just two seasons. Pat has been greatly underpaid in his NBA career, and he deserves every dollar he’s going to get over the next few seasons. He was fantastic for the Clippers down the stretch of the season, both on the court and in the locker room, and they don’t make the playoffs without his leadership, toughness, shooting, defense, and steady playmaking.

That being said, as Lucas detailed in his excellent cap breakdown here, the Clippers are after two max or near max free agents this summer, and will need all the space they can get. In that environment, Pat Beverley’s $9.5 million bird rights are a lot to hold onto, and if the Clippers renounce them, they won’t be able to sign him over the cap. Basically, if the Clippers get their wish and land Kawhi Leonard and Al Horford (or even Kawhi and Kevin Durant), it will be exceedingly tough to hold onto Beverley, unless they carve out other room on their roster to hold onto that cap hold for his rights.

Pat Beverley was a huge component to the Clippers’ success the past two seasons, and he, more than anyone, has symbolized the “new” Clippers, and their gritty, tough mentality. Unfortunately, his (perfectly reasonable and understandable) desire to make as much money as he can in free agency appear to be in conflict with the Clippers’ desire to add superstars this summer. Hopefully the Clippers can hold onto Beverley, but if not, at least Clippers’ fans can be happy that the fan-favorite has received his bag at last.