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Podcasting with The Bird Writes on the Difficulties of an Anthony Davis Trade to the Clippers

I chopped it up with some Pelicans’ writers to try to figure out a potential Clippers’ trade package for AD.

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NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at Los Angeles Clippers Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Davis listed the LA Clippers as one of his preferred trade destinations (a place he would re-sign) before the trade deadline in February. Since then, however, we’ve heard shockingly little linking the Clippers to Davis. Every once in a while they get brought up, but only as one of the teams on that list, not as a true target in their own right.

The reason for this is probably simple: NBA people in the know haven’t heard much about Davis to the Clippers, probably from either side. It could be that the Clippers don’t have much interest in gutting their core for AD, or that they don’t think he’d re-sign even if they did trade for him. Maybe they’re just after other targets. Or, possibly, the Pelicans aren’t interested in what the Clippers have to offer.

The main sticking point in any Anthony Davis trade talks is the question of him re-signing. If he doesn’t guarantee that he’ll stay, or at least pick up his option next year, there’s a good chance a team will gut their roster for a one year rental. This makes it difficult for any team to give up top-tier assets for Davis. In the Clippers’ case, their blue chip asset whom they’d be loath to part with is young point guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

In this podcast with Pelicans’ SB Nation site The Bird Writes, we discuss all the difficulties to an AD trade, what the Pelicans are looking for in such a deal, and how we think a deal might go down — or even if a deal can get done without Shai. Check it out below!