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Finding the next great Clippers nickname

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Say hello to the “Lock City” Clippers?

Oklahoma City Thunder v Toronto Raptors Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

When Chris Paul was traded to the Clippers, Blake Griffin bestowed the team with the nickname “Lob City” at media day. Little did he know how fully that name would come to identify not only the team, but an entire chapter of Clippers history.

I even gifted one of my college friends a DeAndre Jordan “Lob Angeles” shirsey. It was quite the versatile nickname.

Last season, Patrick Beverley attempted to remix Lob City in order to highlight the defensive talent on the Clippers roster. Singling out himself, Avery Bradley, and Luc Mbah a Moute during the preseason, Beverley anointed the new edition of the Clippers “Clamp City” to reflect the perimeter trio’s ability to clamp down on their opponents.

Suffice to say, Clamp City never really took off. Mbah a Moute only played four games before injuries wrecked his season, Bradley was bad on defense (and just about everything else), and even Beverley took some time to figure out the new freedom of movement rules before he became an effective defensive player in the second half of the season. Clamp City almost became a joke that we tried to force when the Clippers had stretches of good defense, but it was never the right fit.

Now there’s an opening for another nickname to epitomize this new era of Clippers basketball, led by the dynamic duo of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard. If it weren’t already ruined by its failed deployment last season, Clamp City might make sense for this defensive wing juggernaut. However, it’s probably best to find something new.

On ESPN’s The Jump Thursday, Tim MacMahon posited a moniker for this year’s Clippers: Lock City.

I kind of love it. It sounds enough like Lob City that it’s a nod to Clippers history, it accurately reflects what Leonard and George will do to opposing players, and it has the Los Angeles “L”, which just sounds good. Rachel Nichols also gave it a quick stamp of approval, which is high praise.

What do you think? Is “Lock City” a worthy epithet for this Clippers team? Let us know in the comments.