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The Clippers have officially re-signed Patrick Beverley

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2019 Las Vegas Summer League - Day 3 - Memphis Grizzlies v LA Clippers Photo by Chris Elise/NBAE via Getty Images

It seems like it’s going to be a pretty good birthday for Patrick Beverley.

The heart of last year’s 48-win LA Clippers officially re-signed with the team Friday. The terms of the deal had previously been reported as three years for $40 million, a substantial raise on Beverley’s last contract of 4 years/$23 million.

There was some thought that the Clippers were delaying the official announcement of Beverley’s contract because they were hoping to perform some additional cap gymnastics with their remaining space. As it stands, Beverley’s cap hit now jumps from his $9.5 million cap hold to $12.3 million, assuming his contract ascends with maximum raises.

The lone contract the team has yet to officially publicize is JaMychal Green’s return. Because he is presumably signing with the room exception, that would have to be the last move the Clippers make this offseason.

Beverley will slot in as the team’s starting point guard after being the team’s nominal starting small forward after the trade deadline last year. That means he will be tasked with guarding opposing backcourt players rather than wings given the presence of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard in the lineup.

On offense, Beverley’s role shouldn’t change much. He will still be required to knock down open threes, which he converted at a 44.6% clip last season. Beverley will also continue to make straight line drives to the rim to keep the defense honest and crash the glass at an above-average rate for a guard.

Including Green, the Clippers now have 13 players on their roster for the 2019-20 season.