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Clippers Rest Key Players, Fall 86-75 to Pacers in Final Game of NBA Summer League

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The Clippers sat their best, most important players, and lost.

2019 Las Vegas Summer League - Day 8 - Indiana Pacers v LA Clippers Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images


The Clippers lost their final game of the 2019 Las Vegas Summer League 86-75 to the Pacers. The Clippers rested the four players on the team who are actually members of their NBA roster, so Clippers fans didn’t get to see Terrance Mann, Jerome Robinson, Mfiondu Kabengele, or Amir Coffey. Their scoring was therefore lacking, especially in the first half, when they scored a mere 28 points, and the game as a whole lacked excitement outside of a few blocks and dunks. Summer League ended not with a bang, but with a dud. Oh well.


  • Derrick Walton doesn’t play – In addition to the Clippers’ rostered players, undrafted free agent Derrick Walton didn’t suit up either. There’s a chance that he’s banged up a little, but it seems more likely that he got an offer from a team, and he didn’t want to risk an injury. It remains to be seen who that team is, but it’s possible that it’s the Clippers, if they weren’t happy with any of the veteran point guards available in free agency. He played well for much of Summer League, and is a steady enough option to get 10-12 minutes in a regular season game and not screw things up.
  • Kaiser Gates solid once more – I’m going to keep this short, because I’ve been basically saying the same thing about Gates after every game. Kaiser Gates made threes, he got a few boards, and he moved the ball decently well. A 6’8 player who does those things has some NBA equity, so it wouldn’t surprise me if a team gave Gates a shot, either as a two-way player or in training camp. Whether that team is the Clippers is a question mark, but I wouldn’t be against it.
  • David Michineau shows flashes – As has been the case throughout this Summer League, Michy mixed in truly impressive plays with awful shots and sloppy passes. He had a horrific bounce pass to a cutter in the 1st quarter that was the height of laziness, but then made a gorgeous dish to Cliff Alexander for a dunk in the 3rd. He also continued to show some nice ability to get to and finish at the rim, with a couple nice kisses off the glass and a sweet floater. There’s probably not enough to give him an NBA deal, but if he could just iron out some of the sloppy plays, Michineau would be close.
  • Other guys — After a miserable first four games, Oshae Brissett led the Clippers in scoring with 18 points, and also added seven rebounds. However, he shot only 1-6 from three, and it took him 18 shots to score his points. He had a couple great plays, including a devastating putback dunk, but remains a chucker with poor shot selection. Cliff Alexander, who also struggled for much of Summer League, had a nice game as well, scoring 11 points and grabbing 9 boards. He also played well defensively, sending several shots into the stands and providing a deterrent at the rim. However, his skill level seems low, and he’s too slow right now to be a plus defender in the modern NBA. The only other player of note in this one was Tramaine Isabell, a diminutive point guard who had barely played in previous games, but showed some jitterbug-quickness in this one, and made some very nice passes. He’s probably too small to play in the NBA without a great outside shot, but his passing is interesting. Maybe he lands a training camp invite somewhere.

That’s it for the 2019 NBA Summer League. Thanks for sticking along for our coverage, and for watching some truly poor basketball along with us. Unfortunately, this will be the last Clippers game until preseason in early October, but we will have plenty of coverage in the interim. Stay tuned!