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Michael B. Jordan is Lakers first, but believes “the Clippers are going to be amazing.”

The budding LA rivalry has celebrities buzzing.

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The battle for LA doesn’t just have casual NBA fans talking, it has celebrities around the world buzzing.

On July 27, Michael B. Jordan held his 3rd annual MBJAM event, an event to “celebrate family and bring much-needed awareness and funds to Lupus LA.” Michael’s mother lives with Lupus, so it’s an event that hits close to home for Jordan. The event is held at Dave & Busters, with the purpose of bringing joy to those affected by Lupus, while also raising donations to go towards research for treatments and cures. During this event, I was able to catch up with Jordan and have a brief, exclusive basketball interview.

Since Kawhi Leonard and Paul George joined the Clippers, LA basketball fans have been more divisive than ever. There are celebrity Laker fans like Jack Black trashing Kawhi Leonard on Twitter, and celebrity Clipper fans like Adam Devine rejoicing. Now more than ever, it seems like it’s only Lakers or Clippers, with no option for both. So, when I asked Michael B. Jordan, a noted Knicks fan, who he was rooting for, he gave me a simple answer.

“Imma go Lakers. Imma Bron fan. I got faith in him. I want to see LeBron take home a few more rings before it’s all set and done, this is a real important year for him.” - Michael B. Jordan

However, since Jordan is a Knicks fan, he had no problem giving the Clippers their own props.

“I think the Clippers are going to be amazing also. I think there’s going to be a great rivalry that re-sparks the LA rivalry. As a basketball fan, I can’t wait for next season. It’s gonna be incredible, the west has the power again.” - Michael B. Jordan

Regardless of whatever happens in the battle of LA, everyone can agree it’s going to be a fun season next year. The Clippers are on more people’s radars than ever before, with expectations at an all-time high.

What record do you think the Clippers and Lakers will have in the 2020 NBA season?