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Clippers Take on Wizards in Third Game of Summer League Preliminary Round

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The Clippers take on the Wizards in the third game of the Summer League Preliminary Round.

2019 Las Vegas Summer League - Day 3 - Memphis Grizzlies v LA Clippers Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

Game Information

Where: Thomas and Mack Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada

When: 8:30 PM PT

How to Watch: NBA TV

Projected Starting Lineups

Clippers: Jerome Robinson - Terance Mann - Amir Coffey - Nigel Hayes - Mfiondu Kabengele

Wizards: Justin Robinson - Issuf Sanon - Troy Brown Jr. - Rui Hachimura - Anjezs Pasecnics


Clippers: None

Wizards: None

Things to watch for

  • Jerome Robinson standing out: After playing just 11 minutes in Game 1, Jerome Robinson had an inconsistent Game 2, with an awful first half followed up by a decent second half. However, through two contests, he has not popped off the screen or thrown together a dominant three minute stretch, and that’s a bit worrying. Jerome has been sick, so maybe tonight, with a couple days rest, he will look better. But so far in Vegas he’s really just been “another guy”, and that’s not good to see from a second-year lottery guard, especially one who was not a one-and-done player. He doesn’t need to score 30 points, he just needs to be more impactful and stand out a bit more than he has so far.
  • Mfiondu’s shooting: Mfiondu Kabengele has been a sniper in Vegas so far, nailing a handful of threes and looking extremely confident in his outside shot. Every game that goes by gives us a slightly larger sample size of his ability to shoot from NBA three-point range, and hopefully he continues that streak tonight. Even with his weaknesses as a rebounder, defender, and passer, guys with his size who are the caliber of shooter he appears to be will have a role at the NBA level. It might not be this year, but it will happen sometime.
  • Mann looking to score: Terance Mann has been the Clippers best player through two games. He’s played defense, snagged a ton of boards, and run the Clippers offense with some very nice passing. However, he has not looked to score much, and it would be great to see him more aggressive with his own shot. Mann had several sweet finishes around the rim against the Grizzlies, and is a fantastic finisher, so I’d love to see him attack the rim more, even if they’re more difficult shots than he usually takes. He’s such a smart player that he mostly only takes high-percentage looks, but it’s Summer League: these games don’t matter, and I want to see what he can do as a scorer.
  • The other guys: Several of the Clippers other Summer Leaguers have impressed over the first two games. Derrick Walton Jr. has been a competent, steady floor general. Amir Coffey has shown flashes of being an athletic, slashing wing who can create his own shot. Kaiser Gates is a large wing who can definitely shoot the heck out of the ball. David Michineau gets to his spots and looks solid defensively. Can any of these players continue looking the part in Game 3, or could they show something they haven’t demonstrated yet? My personal guys to keep an eye on are Walton and Gates, who I think have looked the most “NBA ready” in terms of demonstrating real skills that can be used at the next level, but maybe someone else pops today too.
  • Advancing to the SL Finals: The past few years, the Summer League has been a tournament, with the top 8 teams of the “preliminary round” advancing to a playoff bracket and eventual championship. If the Clippers win this game, they will be 2-1, and will have a shot at the playoffs if they can win again against the Kings in a few days. If they’re 1-2, they probably won’t have that opportunity, unless the bracket shakes out favorably. It’s a very small matter, but it would be cool if the Clips could make a run in Vegas.

This will also be your game thread for this one, so comment on the game and other Clippers-related news below!