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The Clippers Have Signed Rookie Draft Picks Mfiondu Kabengele and Terance Mann

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Mfiondu was always going to get signed, but it appears Mann has officially made the Clippers full roster.

NBA: Summer League-Los Angeles Clippers at Los Angeles Lakers Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Clippers have announced that they have signed rookie draft picks Mfiondu Kabengele and Terance Mann. Kabengele, selected with the 27th pick in the 2019 Draft, which the Clippers acquired from the Brooklyn Nets, is a 21 year old big man who played at Florida State for two years. Mann, 22, also played at FSU, but graduated as a senior, and was taken with the 48th pick by the Clippers.

Mfiondu, as a 1st round pick, was always going to sign with the Clippers, though right now it’s not clear where on the “rookie scale” (from 80% to 120% of a set value for each slot) he signed. His contract will presumably be a standard 1st round deal, guaranteed the first two seasons with team options for the next two. Mfiondu (or “Fi”) has played with great energy in Summer League and shot the ball well, but is still quite raw and needs to work on the nuances of the game. He probably won’t see many minutes in his rookie season.

Mann, as a second round pick, is a more interesting situation, as second round picks are not guaranteed NBA contracts. However, Mann has greatly impressed in the Clippers first two Summer League games, and looks ready for NBA play, so his signing makes sense. The Clips have not disclosed the terms of his deal, so it is unclear how long he’s been signed for, or for how much money.

The Clippers have played Mann a lot on ball in Summer League, and appear to be grooming him for more of a ballhandling role than the wing, which is what he played at FSU. Standing 6’7 and with good defensive instincts, Mann has the tools and composure to get NBA minutes fairly early in his career, though whether there will be room for him remains to be seen.

The Clippers seem to have picked two talented, hard-working players in this draft, and it’s good to see them made Clippers officially. Welcome to Clippers Nation, Terance and Fi!

Update: Per Andrew Greif of the LA Times, Terance Mann is signed to a 4 year deal for approximately $6.3 million, with the first two years of the contract guaranteed. That’s a nice deal for Mann, who gets some guaranteed money, as well as for the Clippers, who get a long look at a terrific looking player for very cheap.