BREAKING:Dwight Howard to join Lakers...heh. Goodbye locker Room Chemistry methinks

mow that Dwight "headcase" Howard is on th Lakers to replace the drama of Boogie COusins, will the Lakers EVER be able to not be in the top of the headlines? Gonna be a faucet of stupid quots coming outta this media hogs mouth all season....good luck after one of those close tough fought losses keeping lebron sane in that room if Dwight is dancing and yacking in front of reporters. Dude loves the attention. Laughs at how own (unfunny) jokes when no one else does. Outright STOLE Shaqs superman routine without his blessing (lakers fans love to forget about that)...and NOW..hes their Savior??? When they ALREADY have a ficking center,....named Anthony Davis....Cue the clown music now for the Lakers...

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