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Clippers Players Are Congregating in Los Angeles for Group Workouts

While, as usual with offseason news, this doesn’t mean much, it’s good to see a bunch of the Clippers’ players together and working out well before training camp.

Utah Jazz v LA Clippers Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

As training camp starts to approach, players typically head home to being preparing for the upcoming season in earnest. The Clippers players are no different — while some (Montrezl Harrell for example) have seemingly been in Los Angeles much of the summer, many have been on vacation or working out abroad (Ivica Zubac has been in his native Croatia). Now, however, they are converging in LA, as shown by a video on the Clippers Twitter handle.

In it, various Clippers are shown lifting weights, sprinting, running basketball games, and playing scrimmages. Among the players shown are Paul George, Lou Williams, Montrezl Harrell, Patrick Beverley, Rodney McGruder, Ivica Zubac, and Moe Harkless. Kawhi Leonard does not seem to have been present on that day, and Landry Shamet appears to be missing as well, but that’s not really a big deal. At least half the team (and most of the key players) were there, putting in work and getting some reps, and that’s great to see.

One other thing of note is Paul George’s participation. While he revealed that he returned to the basketball court a few days ago, it’s still good to see him doing some gym work alongside the rest of the team. Even if he’s not on the court yet (and he doesn’t seem to be), him just being there is big for him getting adjusted to the rest of the team and working his way back to full health.

Finally, there was talk around a month ago that Kawhi Leonard was trying to orchestrate a mini-camp in Miami before training camp begins proper. It’s unclear if that’s still happening, or if the Clips might just work out in LA until training camp, but it’s great to see that the team is bonding and coordinating like this three weeks ahead of camp. I think it would still be a nice little experience if the full team went to Miami to hang out and practice together, but there’s no doubt this is a good first step. Hopefully more video of these practices comes out soon so Clippers fans can whet their appetites that much more for the start of the season.