Trade Scenarios

It's that time of year again, folks - time for some fun fan-made trade proposals! While the Clips have largely righted the ship over the last week or so, we all know the FO isn't gonna leave any stone unturned in its quest to improve the team, so here are some potential scenarios I thought up of, arranged in order of least to most feasible:

The dream scenarios (re: not gonna happen):

The Clips would have to send their 2020 1st rounder to New Orleans, and Charlotte would send over a (protected) 1st to New Orleans too. For the Clips, as much as I love Pat Bev, Jrue would be a huge upgrade, and he fits in basically every lineup the Clips could trot out there - plus the spare roster spot could come in handy for the buyout market. For the Hornets, they really have no way of acquiring game-changing talent other than through trades, and Trez would immediately be the most talented player on their roster - plus he grew up in North Carolina, and we all know how much MJ loves his Carolina players. For the Pelicans, the draft picks would help them in their rebuilding process, and Bev could do for Lonzo what he did for SGA. But unfortunately I don't think the Pelicans go for this, even with the draft picks, since they've been playing really well recently. I'd love to get Jrue here, but I just don't see the Pelicans deciding to blow it up w/o giving Jrue a chance to play w/ Zion.

Clips would again have to throw in their 2020 1st rounder. Myles Turner can shoot and defend, so Doc could start him and move Zu to the bench, or even start him alongside Zu for a super-sized starting lineup. Losing Trez hurts, but I'm confident JMG could sop up the remaining backup PF/C minutes in Trez' absence. Holiday helps fill the backup PG role to take some playmaking pressure off of Lou too, and he's expendable for the Pacers since Oladipo is returning soon. The biggest risk here for the Clips is that this basically means they're relying on Jerome/McGruder to take on some of Shamet's minutes, which....not optimistic about that. This is probably more realistic than going after Jrue, but I still doubt the Pacers would want to make a major shake up given how hot they are right now.

Doable, depending on what the other team wants to do (re: tank or playoff push):

Clips might need to add their 2020 1st, or at least a 2nd rounder or two to this. Markkanen is a step down overall from Trez, but he's signed for another year, and he's younger than Trez. Also he fits much, much better with the starters, with Bev/Kawhi/PG13/Zu helping to mask his defensive problems, and again, I think JMG can help pick up the slack on the bench left by Trez' departure. The Bulls have been rumored to be interested in moving Markkanen for a while now (I have no idea why), so this gives them an upgrade to help them make a playoff push while picking up some draft capital in the process, and they can re-sign Trez to a long-term deal in the Summer if he balls out for them over the 2nd half of the season.

The Clips would have to toss in the 2020 1st rounder, and probably at least one 2nd round pick too. I have no idea what Orlando wants to do w/ Mo Bamba, now that they've got Vucevic signed long term - they can't really play next to each other. Plus, between Gordon, Isaac, Al-Farouq, and Birch, they have a surplus of frontcourt players. And who knows, maybe they could get Jerome on track the way they fixed Fultz. For the Clips, Bamba allows Doc to move Trez to backup PF for the bulk of his minutes, as Bamba can shoot pretty well for a guy that size and is obviously a huge deterrent at the rim. The Clips were supposedly high on Bamba going into the draft too, so maybe the Logo saw something in him that we didn't see in the game last night. I realize his numbers aren't eye-popping, and we'd be giving up our last remaining draft assets, but Bamba is young enough and I'd argue more than talented enough to make up for the loss of a late 1st and some 2nds.

Doable, but I don't know if I'd want to:

The only reason the Clips do this is if they think they aren't gonna be able to retain Trez this summer. Bertans is good, but he's basically a lesser version of Markkanen, so, like Markkanen, he'd be a drop in talent from Trez but a much better fit skills-wise. Plus, in this scenario the Clips don't need to give up any picks, and Washington gets someone who they can sign long-term (re: they ain't gonna be able to sign FAs for a while thanks to Wall and Beal's contracts), and Trez would be a good change of pace from Rui.

The Clips would add a couple of 2nd rounders to this (re: Jerome has no trade value on his own). Like I said above, Holiday helps shore up the backup PG spot, and Indiana doesn't really need him since Oladipo is coming back soon, and they also have TJ McConnell. The only reason I wouldn't want to do this is because the Clips have already traded away so much draft capital that I'm wary of giving up draft picks (even 2nd rounders) for backups.

Leonard is nothing special, but he's got more bulk than Mo, and is a better shooter and a better fit next to both Zu and Trez. I think Mo is the better player overall, but Leonard would let Doc run out Bev/Kawhi/PG13/Leonard/Zu, and then Lou/JMG/Trez off the bench, or even move JMG into the starting lineup. Basically, he'd be taking PatPat's spot in the rotation.

As I'm sure you've noticed, I think Trez is the Clips' best trade asset. He's a fantastic (offensive) player, he's young, he's on an affordable contract for the rest of this season, and he'd be coming with his Bird rights (though this means you're gonna have to pay him in the Summer). Plus, from the Clips' side of things, he's a poor fit w/ Zu, and not a really great one even w/ JMG (Trez/JMG is still a smaller frontline and isn't very good protecting the rim). I basically thought up of the above scenarios thinking that the Clips' need for a legitimate starting PF (sorry PatPat) was more pressing than finding another playmaking PG (though Jrue is talented enough for you go for him if you can get him), which makes Trez the most likely piece to move.

Anyways, what do y'all think?

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