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Same Old Clippers: Grizzlies Loss, Inconsistent Effort, and a Lack of Fun

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Louis and Rob are joined by Grizzlies fan and podcaster Keith Parish to discuss the Clippers brutal loss to the Griz, debate the Clippers’ lack of effort, and chat about the entertainment value of both teams.

Memphis Grizzlies v LA Clippers Photo by Chris Elise/NBAE via Getty Images

The Clippers have lost twice recently, which means it’s time for another episode of Same Old Clippers! Rob and Louis are joined by their second guest, Keith Parish of Fastbreak Breakfast and Grits and Grinds, to discuss what exactly happened in the Clippers’ atrocious loss to the Grizzlies on Saturday. Keith makes the case for the Grizzlies as a solid team, one not necessarily worthy of being labeled a true bottom-dweller, and waxes poetic about the Grizzlies’ youngsters. Then, the guys debate the Clippers’ inconsistent effort throughout the season and how it has negatively effected the viewing experience. Finally, Rob and Louis deliver their usual disrespect, this time to Devin Booker and Kyle Kuzma.

Check out the pod here!