Could these trades work?

Hey Clips Nation. I figured the best way to get over the Clippers demise in the playoffs is to dream about next season and what we might do to improve. Naturally this comes down to free agency and trades. Clippers don't have much in the way of offering FA's anything substantial, but the one guy I would love to get is Aron Baynes. I think he would be an awesome backup for Zu and his ability to hit the 3 can create space inside for everyone else. This is probably the most "likely" of my wishes to come true but I'll keep going anyway.

Trade 1: Pistons receive Trezz via a sign and trade. Clippers receive Derrick Rose and 1 of either Thon Maker, Langston Galloway or John Henson, depending on how much they will offer Trezz and for us to match salaries.

This seems to make too much sense? Rose would be PERFECT for us!! And from the rumours going around, would probably keep Kawhi happy? Detroit gets a young star and with Wood likely to be re-signed, an opportunity to have the key all to himself with Wood's 3pt ability. Pistons sound like they want to move on from BG32 but may have to wait? Either way the Pistons have a big man rotation which will be pretty decent?

Trade 2: 76er's receive Paul George and Pat Bev. Clippers receive Ben Simmons and Josh Richardson. We might also have to pick up some extra salary to make it work?

I really like this but it is in the "Nearly Impossible" category. However, having Simmons as the Point Guard of the future would be huge for the Clippers. It splits up Embiid and Simmons for Philly so that may be a good thing?

Of course if all 3 things happy I'd be happy as a pig in mud!!! But I'm also realistic too. Which is your favourite? Anything you would do differently?

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