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Farewell, Sam Cassell

He’ll be heading to Philadelphia

LA Clippers v Sacramento Kings Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

Although this news was announced about two weeks ago, I wanted to give our beloved assistant coach Sam Cassell the proper send off.

For those of you who might have missed the news, Cassell agreed to join Doc Rivers’ coaching staff in Philadelphia, leaving the Clippers’ bench where he’s spent the last six seasons. It was tough to lose Rivers because I really respected and admired him as a man, but losing Cassell is another tough blow.

I’ve loved having him on our coaching staff for the last few years and was shocked we kept him as long as we did. I would have guessed he would’ve been hired as a head coach at some point and am shocked he wasn’t this offseason.

After the firing of Rivers, my personal choice for the head coaching gig was Cassell. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Ty Lue hire a lot, but I really wanted to see what Cassell could do with his own team when given a chance. He’s obviously well-respected around the league, and I think he could (and hopefully eventually will) succeed as a coach.

Cassell was one of my favorite players growing up as a Clippers fan. Well, to be fair, nearly everyone on that 2006 team was one of my favorites. But I always loved him as a player and was pumped when we got him years ago as an assistant coach. Our Clips Nation agrees, as Cassell was voted our all-time favorite Clipper during the hiatus.

The Clippers have added a really good coaching staff this offseason, so we’re still in really good hands. It just sucks to see Cassell leave, especially considering it isn’t even for a head coaching job. Hopefully he does well there and gets the job he deserves in the coming years.

Thanks for everything, Sam!