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Clippings: Dennis Schröder doesn’t want to come to the Clippers

Well ok, then.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Houston Rockets - Game Seven Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images

Dennis Schröder is a point guard who likes to score and is right in the peak of his powers. The LA Clippers could use a player like that as they push for an NBA title.

But don’t count on that happening, as the 27-year-old German told the MagentaSport podcast in a recent episode that he’s not interested in leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder.

“Yes, I have received offers,” Schröder said, “But I never wanted to go to the Lakers, the Clippers, or all the names that my agents have called.”

How serious was any interest by the Clippers? When? Was there any legit interest at all? Maybe, maybe not, but Schröder’s name hasn’t been part of the NBA trade rumors this offseason, to be honest. I wouldn’t be shocked if teams like the Clippers were putting out feelers for him, but the comments by the player strike me more as a player who wants to publicly demonstrate his loyalty to his current team.

But anyway, put Schröder down as not interested in coming to Los Angeles. Noted.

More news for your Friday:

  • Stephen A. says Clippers lead CP3 sweepstakes: Stephen A. Smith claimed on “First Take” Wednesday that Chris Paul does not want to join the frontrunner Los Angeles Lakers and instead thinks he prefers a reunion with the Clippers.

I will say, there is a little wiggle room in how Smith words all this, saying that Paul doesn’t want to play for the Lakers but more “here are some circumstantial reasons going to the Clippers makes more sense,” so we’ll see.

  • Possible package for Paul: This mooted trade package would flip Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams and Montrezl Harrell in a sign-and-trade for Paul. I think if that were the deal (and the Clippers seriously want to acquire Paul) the Clippers would take it, although they would need to build back some depth. This projection might be overly Clipper-scentric.
  • Some deep draft options: has a few guys who could be intriguing to the Clippers in next week’s NBA Draft.
  • About those new Sixers jerseys: Unlike the fire Phoenix Suns new black jerseys (in my humble opinion), the new Philadelphia 76ers black jerseys make Philadelphia look like a quaint village, for some reason. The person in charge of signing off on those Sixers jerseys has some real wild ideas in general, it must be said.
  • The backstory of the ABL: I remember watching the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and the U.S. women’s basketball team were on TV at one point explaining two new pro leagues were about to launch, the WNBA and the ABL. Obviously, only one of those leagues survived, and this great long read from last week in Defector from Maitreyi Anantharaman chronicles the launch, brief heyday, and death of the ABL.