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Clippings: The NBA point guard carousel is already spinning

Will the Clippers take their turn?

New Orleans Pelicans v Oklahoma City Thunder Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

The NBA trade season began Monday, and for parts of the day, it felt like most teams were waiting for free agency to get fully engaged in the offseason. And then the league went a little stir crazy after months of inaction, completing a flurry of trades.

The most common position of interest in these trades was point guard. The Lakers got things started by acquiring Dennis Schröder from Oklahoma City to shore up their depth at secondary playmaker. The Thunder then traded their starting point point guard Chris Paul to the Suns for a package containing Ricky Rubio, along with Kelly Oubre Jr.

After a break in the action, the Pelicans traded their starting point guard Jrue Holiday to Milwaukee for an absolute haul of assets, including three first-round picks and two pick swaps, as well as the rights to Eric Bledsoe and George Hill. The Bucks also acquired another playmaker later in the night when they traded for Bogdan Bogdanovic from the Kings.

That represents at least six starting-caliber point guards, or lead guards, that changed hands at the very beginning of the transaction window. Evidently, the most valuable skill in the NBA right now isn’t shooting, it’s playmaking.

The Clippers notably did not take part in the transaction frenzy. They have expressed interest in backup point guard Kris Dunn to help address some defensive weaknesses in their second unit, but it wouldn’t hurt to have another playmaker who doesn’t compromise the team’s defensive integrity.

Rubio, Bledsoe, and Hill are probably not long for their current teams, as both the Thunder and Pelicans appear to be in asset-accumulation mode rather than competing immediately. The Clippers don’t need to overpay to acquire any of these players, and by sitting out the initial wave, they may have put themselves in position to get some players on the cheap.

The next few days figure to be absolutely mad. The Clippers haven’t done anything worth commending thus far, but at least they haven’t made any mistakes by acting in haste. They just need to take their time.

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