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Clippings: The NBA is looking for ways to increase its revenue

The league is leaving no stone unturned to recoup some of the revenue that will be lost without fans.

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Agua Caliente Clippers v Santa Cruz Warriors Photo by David Becker/NBAE via Getty Images

The NBA and its players still have no idea when the next season will start. What they do know is that revenues will be slashed without the presence of fans in the arenas and their corresponding ticket and concession purchases. That means that whenever the season does start, the league is searching for new ways to generate income.

One of those avenues would be not only keeping the play-in tournament for the final playoff spot, but potentially expanding it. The league got great feedback for it’s play-in game between the Portland Trail Blazers and the Memphis Grizzlies for the eighth seed in the 2020 postseason, and they are hoping to create more revenue by making an even bigger play-in tournament in 2021. The tournament would involve the 7-10 seeds and feature up to three additional games after the regular season.

When the play-in debuted in the bubble, there was a standings trigger; thus, the Eastern Conference didn’t have a play-in round because the Wizards finished more than four games back of the eighth-seeded Magic. As ESPN reports, previous play-in proposals haven’t included standings trigger, but one would presume that teams would only agree to such a tournament if a no. 7 or a no. 8 seed with a large lead was protected.

ESPN also listed some additional revenue streams the league is pursuing:

Sources said the league is hopeful to expand guidelines on sports betting, hard alcohol and casinos that could generate between $80 million and $100 million in revenue, sources said.

The most pressing matter remains the 2020-21 start date, but so long as that is in flux, these reports are a reminder the NBA has several details to iron out before beginning next season.

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