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The Clippers have cut Ky Bowman, Jordan Ford, and Malik Fitts

The team now has 17 players on its preseason roster.

LA Clippers v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

The Clippers announced their first wave of roster cuts for this preseason, letting go of Ky Bowman, Jordan Ford, and Malik Fitts. The team announced the moves earlier today.

Of the three, Fitts was the player who saw the least action during preseason, seven minutes total over two games, and all of them coming at the end of the fourth quarter. He failed to score, but did record three rebounds over his brief tenure.

Bowman and Ford saw a bit more action, though both were also relegated to exclusively second-half minutes. Bowman showed a bit of passing facility, and Ford was comfortable as a scorer against NBA (or pseudo-NBA) competition, including some pretty floaters.

But there was never going to be room for any of these three players on the NBA roster, especially once the Clippers re-signed Reggie Jackson, unless Nic Batum was fully washed in training camp. The saving grace for Ford and Fitts is that the two were reportedly signed to Exhibit 10 contracts, which means they’ll earn $50,000 in addition to their training camp deals if they land with the Agua Caliente Clippers. It’s unclear what kind of contract Bowman signed, but considering he spent much of last season with the Golden State Warriors, he might keep trying to stick with an NBA team.

The question now is what happens with Rayjon Tucker, who is the 15th man (not including two-ways) on a roster that only has room for 14 under the hard cap, at least until later in the season. Perhaps the Clippers are trying to get a closer look at Tucker in case they want to bring him back later. They could also be considering demoting Jay Scrubb to Agua Caliente — remember that Scrubb is expected to miss the first 3-4 months of the season with foot surgery — and giving their second two-way spot to Tucker. Either way, expect some news on the high-flying wing to come soon.