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Clippings: Kawhi Leonard can’t fit his hands in his pockets

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The superstar revealed that and some other gems on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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Screenshot via YouTube

Having large hands is perhaps Kawhi Leonard’s defining trait. It gave him the nickname The Klaw, and it’s what enables much of his prowess on the basketball court. He can steal the ball from opposing players thanks to his large hands, cause deflections out of nowhere in passing lanes, and palm the ball for stupendous dunks.

Off the basketball court, however, it turns out that gift isn’t always useful. As Leonard told Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday, he sometimes notices other people doing things that he can’t because of the size of his hands, like putting their hands in their pockets. Leonard later joked that he left Toronto because he couldn’t find gloves big enough for his hands, but the pocket anecdote was clearly not in jest.

That was just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the delightful stories Leonard revealed to Kimmel as he was promoting his New Balance Christmas shoe. He shared his favorite type food, dispelled a popular myth about his eating habits, described NBA Secret Santa, and explained the origin of his shoe. As many people have said, Leonard is perfectly personable, he just chooses to keep his personality private from the general public. But he can be really funny when he talks.

You can watch the whole interview between Kimmel and Leonard here. My favorite part is towards the end when Kimmel brings in a special guest, and Leonard reveals a startling lack of pop culture knowledge. We can forgive him: He’s a two-time NBA champion, after all.

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