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Clippings: Let’s start the season with some haikus

Did you have a better idea for opening night?

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Clippers

Last week, I received an email with some Kawhi-kus.

That’s right. Kawhi Leonard put together some haikus about saving money with Honey, the company has the naming rights to the Clippers practice facility and the jersey patch sponsor for this season.

Here’s my favorite one.

I watched all the videos several times, and after getting over the absurdity of the concept, it made me want to celebrate the return of the NBA with some haikus of my own. For reference, haikus are three-line poems with five syllables, then seven syllables, then five. Let’s give this a shot.

Need a new head coach?
Make sure Ty Lue’s on your bench
He will win this year.

This is the second time Lue has been promoted from the lead assistant role to head coach when the top boss was fired. The first time, he won a championship in Cleveland, and he has the tools to do it again.

Kawhi is healthy
In the triangle offense
He can’t be guarded

The Clippers ran some triangle sets in preseason to get Leonard in similar spots that Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant used to operate from. Those are two of Leonard’s favorite players of all time, and those actions could allow the Clippers’ halfcourt offense to function more smoothly without a true point guard.

Kennard and Morris
Sixty-four million apiece
Will they be worth it?

For what it’s worth, I think Luke Kennard’s extension is a perfectly fine gamble if the Clippers are confident in his health. Given the amount of money they have invested in their performance, there’s no reason to doubt that conclusion. Kennard is a tremendously talented offensive player who should shine as the third option. Marcus Morris Sr. is a trickier case because of his age, but the Clippers needed him now and sacrificed some flexibility later to make that happen.

Opening night’s here
Clipper Nation is ready
Now beat the Lakers

Feel free to share your own haikus in the comments, or just let me know if poetry is a no-go for the rest of the season.

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