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Marcus Morris Sr. was live tweeting during Clippers game

Morris Sr. wasn’t with the team due to an injury

Los Angeles Clippers v Houston Rockets Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Marcus Morris Sr. unfortunately can’t be suiting up with the Clippers quite yet. He’s recovering from a knee injury, but hopes to be rejoining the team soon. In the meantime, he’s doing what most of us are doing... watching from home and live tweeting the game.

Last night, Morris Sr. was tweeting during the Clippers’ Christmas victory over the Nuggets. Let’s go in order.

I don’t have the exact moment of the game this was tweeted, but it was likely early on at some point in the first quarter when the Clippers were knocking down every three they took.

Paul George was the hottest player on the court for the second consecutive game. He finished with a team-high 23 points and a team-high +14. George went 8-of-14 from the field and knocked down five from deep.

George wasn’t the only one who was cold out there. According to Morris Sr., Kawhi Leonard was also cold out there. Prior to leaving the game with an injury, Leonard had 21 points, seven assists, five rebounds and four steals.

His final tweet of the night came after a Lou Williams three-pointer that put the game in the bag for the Clippers. After Denver trimmed LA’s lead, the Clippers led by only 11 with just under five minutes remaining. Serge Ibaka hit Williams with the nice look, as Williams buried it from deep to extend the lead to 14.

We’re not sure when exactly Morris Sr. will be back out there on the court, but this sure was a fun experience for Clippers fans last night.