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Clippings: How the Clippers are mentally washing away Sunday’s loss

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As Serge Ibaka, there’s no time to cry in the NBA.

Dallas Mavericks v Los Angeles Clippers Photo by John McCoy/Getty Images

Everyone has different approaches for moving on from something upsetting.

After a surprisingly bad loss to Dallas Sunday, Ivica Zubac went with brutal honesty, saying the Clippers let the Mavericks run their sets as if it was a walkthrough. Paul George tried to accept responsibility, saying the blame lay with him as the leader of the team, particularly with Kawhi Leonard out. Head coach Ty Lue said postgame that it was the type of game where you throw out the tape, and he continued that thread of humor before practice Monday.

Perhaps the most interesting philosophical response to the team’s defeat came from Reggie Jackson. He said that he hopes the team can mentally “kind of wash this one off”, while also recognizing that there is something to be learned from every situation.

“We’re gonna watch film, try to find a way to get better, move on from this one and get ready for our next opponent, but most importantly, our biggest opponent which is ourselves each and every day,” Jackson said postgame.

“It’s life,” Jackson continued. “This game kind of emulates life and the biggest opponent in life is yourself. You gotta look at yourself in the mirror, you gotta figure out a way to be better, and that’s the goal. You’re either going forwards or you’re going backwards, so we’re just trying to take baby steps, continue to move in the right direction, bringing it together as a collective whole and hopefully as the Los Angeles Clippers, we can find a way to continue to push towards the goal that we have ultimately for ourselves.”

It’s a nice spirit to harness moving forward, that each of the players on this team is in the pursuit of self-betterment, and that collectively leads to the group moving in the right direction. It’s an idea that even transcends basketball.

Let’s face it. The Clippers aren’t as bad as they demonstrated Sunday. But there can be value in that kind of experience, and that’s what the Clippers are hoping to glean.

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