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Clippers release first portion of their 2020-2021 schedule

The Clippers released the schedule for their first 38 games

NBA: MAR 08 Lakers at Clippers Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The NBA season is just a few weeks away, and the schedules are here. Today, the Clippers released the first chunk of their 2020-2021 schedule, consisting of only 38 games. The second portion of their schedule will be released in the coming months during the regular season.

For the full Clippers schedule, you can check it out here.

The Clippers begin their season on the road at the Lakers on Tuesday, December 22. Their next game will come on Christmas, as they’ll travel to face the Denver Nuggets in a rematch of last seasons Western Conference Semifinals.

The first home game for LA will come on Sunday, December 27 versus the Mavericks.

Here are the notable primetime games for the first-half of the season:

12/22 @ Lakers - TNT

12/25 @ Nuggets - ESPN

1/6 @ Warriors - ESPN

1/8 @ Warriors - ESPN

1/13 vs. Pelicans - ESPN

1/28 @ Heat - TNT

2/2 @ Nets - TNT

2/5 vs. Celtics - ESPN

2/21 vs. Nets - ESPN

2/28 @ Bucks - ABC

3/2 @ Celtics - TNT

Some interesting and unique parts of the schedule include playing the same team in the same location twice in a three day span.

@ Warriors 1/6 & 1/8

Thunder 1/22 & 1/24

Jazz 2/17 & 2/19

@ Grizzlies 2/25 & 2/26