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Clippings: NBA coaches are going business casual this season

Coaches still have the option of wearing suits should they choose to.

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LA Clippers v Denver Nuggets - Game Four Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

One of the biggest visual changes of bubble basketball was that coaching staffs were no longer required to wear suits. It was a decision that took into account the climate of Orlando in the summer, giving coaches the opportunity to be a bit more comfortable on the bench in a hotter environment.

As it turns out, the coaches liked their newfound freedom, as they voted more than 2-to-1 in favor of relaxing the dress code for the upcoming season, per a report from ESPN. The league isn’t going as casual as it did in the bubble, as track pants and warm-ups are not legal wardrobe, but polo shirts will be allowed along with dress pants, socks, and shoes. It’s worth noting that coaches have the option of wearing suits if they prefer, but jackets are no longer required on the bench.

This is a move that makes a ton of sense considering the relaxed dress code for players when they’re inactive for a game. Personally, it never seemed fair for the coaches to be held to a higher sartorial standard than the players, which is why I thoroughly enjoyed the wardrobe flexibility and creativity that emerged during the Orlando restart.

One other person who evidently enjoyed picking out the team’s outfits in the bubble was Ty Lue, the “chief wardrobe executive”, according to Max Reza, the Clippers director of team operations. Now, Lue will get to make those decisions on a regular basis.

I would expect certain coaching staffs to continue to dress as they have in the past. Certain people just like dressing up, all of these coaches have a ton of suits in their closets, and they should have the opportunity to wear what they want to work (within reason, of course). But expanding the realm of possibility for coaches feels like a guaranteed win. If player fashion has become so popular among NBA fans, there’s no reason that coaches can’t also get in on the action.

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