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Clippings: Time to settle into the new normal

Big win overshadowed by coronavirus concerns.

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Golden State Warriors
People are still attending games, for now.
John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the new reality, the Los Angeles Clippers whipped the Golden State Warriors 131-107 on Tuesday.

No, it’s not the win I’m talking about, it’s the creeping concern over attending public events that was stark at the Chase Center. With mass gatherings in Santa Clara County called off for the rest of the month, affecting teams to the south in San Jose, the Warriors declined to change their usual procedure in light of the growing spread of coronavirus, here and abroad. Attendance was noticeably lighter on the night, but there will still thousands at the game. That’s the last time it will happen for the foreseeable future, according to breaking news Wednesday morning.

I think pretty much all of us hope the coronavirus does stop spreading and this concern turns out to be a short-term one, but with the country of Italy under a quarantine that has stopped all sports, and authorities in the U.S. seeming to get more serious about taking big steps, NBA crowds may continue to get thinner to nonexistent, and the games themselves could be in jeopardy before long.

More news for Wednesday:

  • NBA mulling contingency plans: On that note, Woj reported on ESPN that the league is contemplating options in the wake of coronavirus, including moving games to cities where outbreaks haven’t occurred, or otherwise playing closed-door games or suspending games outright for a stretch. Multiple calls are set to take place over the next couple days.
  • If you can’t get in, read the fine print: The Daily News gets some initial details from ticketing companies on how they’ll approach closed-door games or postponements/cancellations if it gets to that. tl;dr - the procedures sound quite different company to company if you get your money back! Read the fine print.
  • Top 20 free agents: Tom Ziller runs the rule over the biggest names to go on the market this summer. Montrezl Harrell is included, but there are also some players the Clippers could pursue, you know, if they have the space to do it.
  • CP3 leads NBA in clutch: Chris Paul may be one of the slowest players in the NBA, but he’s found a resurgence with Oklahoma City, and is showing a new element of his game, according to The Ringer.

Today’s question: Is the coronavirus leading you to contemplate not attending sporting events? Have you changed your daily routine? Let’s chat in the comments.