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Tell us: How did you get into basketball?

We want to hear how you got into this sport we love.

NBA: Charlotte Hornets at Detroit Pistons Eric Bronson-USA TODAY Sports

Monday is here, and we want to hear from you to start a new week that probably doesn’t feel like a new week, after you either had to stay home all weekend or work a lot all weekend.

So, here’s today’s question: How did you first get into basketball?

I’ll tell my story: I grew up in Michigan, and basketball was the first sport I loved. Why? The year is 1988, I am just starting school, and everybody is very excited about the Pistons. They end up playing the Lakers in the NBA Finals that summer, and while Detroit didn’t get the title that time, I was hooked.

Of course, the Pistons won their first two titles the next two seasons, and just before I moved to California they added a third (over the Lakers again, a special delight) in 2004. Meanwhile, as a kid I loved playing basketball — I was a point guard in school, had a good handle, and my dad coached my teams and my sister’s too, and while he wasn’t a born coach he was a perfect coach for beginners, who wanted all of his players to try out the sport and have fun. I’d rather have that experience than a pro coach dad who rode me hard.

When puberty fully hit, all the other girls grew taller and I didn’t keep up with them. Suddenly shorter than basically all my teammates, I couldn’t keep up and constantly got my shot blocked. It was embarrassing. My former confidence in my basketball abilities eroded.

But I learned something about that, too: We can’t be good at everything. As much as I would have loved to really give basketball a shot in high school, maybe play in college, it wasn’t in my plan. That’s ok.

Just because I couldn’t play well anymore didn’t mean I couldn’t enjoy basketball. I’ve followed the NBA ever since I first felt the excitement back in 1988, and getting to write about it is pretty cool, too. Your height and shot mechanics are irrelevant in sportswriting, but I still feel that connection, and still feel a thrill about the sport every time I watch the best in the business play it. I took my daughter to her first game this season, and it was so much fun to start the cycle all over again. I can’t wait to meet the little kids in the future who get the bug when the Clippers go to the NBA Finals for the first time.

So that’s my story. What’s yours? Feel free to write as much or as little in the comments below. I’m looking forward to reading your stories!