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Ranking Clippers Jerseys (Buffalo Braves edition)

Rankings of every Clippers jersey ever

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The Clippers have worn a lot of different jerseys since the debut of the team in 1970. They’ve moved all across the country, going from Buffalo to San Diego and finally here to Los Angeles.

As expected, three different locations and five decades of basketball will bring a lot of different styles, colors and combinations. We’re going to take a look back, and go over the best and the worst from each different time in Clippers history.

We’ll be going over the uniforms from the team’s time in Buffalo, San Diego, the first 15 years in Los Angeles (1984-1999), the next 15 years in LA (2000-2014) and the most recent stretch (2015-current).

We’ll be kicking things off today with the Buffalo Braves. The Clippers began in Buffalo in 1970, where they were known as the Braves. Their tenure in New York was brief, as they were only there through 1978. They only had a few uniforms, so I added some of the Buffalo Braves throwbacks the Clippers have worn over the years.

No. 5 — Orange Buffalo

The Clippers wore these as a throwback in 2006. After searching through Google, I couldn’t find any pictures of the Buffalo teams wearing these during the 70’s, so not sure if the Clippers created the orange jersey on their own.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t a great look. I personally love the Braves jerseys. I love the logo, the stripe that connects to the pants. However, this orange.... yeah, not a fan. I respect them for going for the ultimate throwback, but something about these jerseys just doesn’t sit right with me.

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No. 4 — Home whites

Aside from the Braves jerseys we’ve seen in years past, they were the primary uniforms used by the Braves teams during their Buffalo run. Their home jerseys said Braves across the front, with blue font and numbers.

For the most part, I got no problem with how these look. They’re simple and plain, but I really like them.

No. 3 — Buffalo with gold

I’m not exactly sure what the backstory is with these uniforms. I found them on google, and there’s a team photo of them wearing them. I’m unsure what year they were worn, or for how long, but man these are nice.

I love the gold letters and numbers with the red outline, and would love to see these used as a throwback of some sort. Again, there isn’t too much information out there on these jerseys.

No. 2 — Buffalo throwbacks (2019-2020)

These look familiar, because these are what the Clippers have been rocking this season as a throwback. Earlier we saw these in orange, and oh man what a difference. These jerseys were meant to be in white. The black and orange stripes with the logo really stand out. I love the orange outline on the black letters of the name and number.

If the Clippers were to ever go back and change their name to the Braves and make these their permanent home uniforms, I would be more than okay with that.

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No. 1 — Away blue’s

The most memorable uniforms from the team’s time in Buffalo, these baby blue uniforms are perfection. Personally, as you’ll soon learn, I’m an absolute sucker for blue uniforms, and think that they look good no matter what.

These are simple, yet perfect. The baby blue looks great, and the white numbers and letters just fit really well. Plus, seeing Braves legend Bob McAdoo (no. 1 seed in our All-Time Favorite Clippers Bracket) rock these never gets old.

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What Buffalo jersey was your favorite? Leave a comment below.

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