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Clippings: NBA players to an NBA 2K tournament

Hey, technically they’ll be playing, sort of.

Celtics Crossover Gaming v Heat Check Gaming Photo by Michelle Farsi/NBAE via Getty Images

If you’re done watching “Tiger King” (what a crazy ride, am I right?) and looking for entertainment, the NBA is reportedly planning to hold an NBA players-only NBA 2K tournament.

The story, per Yahoo Sports’ Chris Haynes, claims the tourney could be set up as soon as the end of this week, with ESPN on hand to air it nationally. “Some big-name players” are being lined up to participate, with the hope that all of the current NBA teams will have a representative involved.

For what it’s worth, I think this is a good idea. We’ll see how good all of these players are at their video game counterpart — a former NFL player is now a professional eMLS player and he’s getting killed at it — but a lot of athletes are just like the rest of us and play video games in their spare time, so we could see some real skills. And something that is new would be novel, while giving some players a chance to show off their personalities even more. Win-win.

More links for Tuesday:

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  • There’s a new opening date for the 2020 2021...Tokyo Olympics, rescheduled for next year.
  • Speaking of “Tiger King,” this week’s viral hit, Shaquille O’Neal had to publicly distance himself from Joe Exotic’s private zoo, after the big man made an archival cameo in the Netflix series.
  • I don’t see any current Clippers involved in this, but Chris Paul is among the NBA players, and athletes from all over the sports spectrum, who is involved in Athletes Relief’s auction, where you can donate money for coronavirus relief and possibly win some swag from the athlete of your choice.
  • Bleacher Report’s list of the most impactful trades of the decade includes two trades involving the Clippers and another involving a current Clipper.
  • I really thought @RexChapman on Twitter was a random person using the former NBA player’s name. Nope, it’s the real thing, as this ESPN profile on Chapman’s new life as a social media influencer explains.

Today’s question: If you could “go pro” in any video game, what would yours be? I’m terrible at video games, I would be cannon fodder for pretty much anything, although my kid is a budding gamer. Curious to hear your gamer specialties, let’s chat in the comments!