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Clippings: Full-strength LA Clippers starting to make the NBA believe

The Clippers keep rolling, and so do the analysts who think this team is the real deal.

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Oklahoma City Thunder Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

Hi folks, Alicia here. You’ll be seeing me around Clips Nation on occasion moving forward. I cover soccer, too, but I’ve been an NBA fan since 1988. My own basketball career died in eighth grade when everyone had a growth spurt except me, but I still enjoy watching people who are actually good at the sport play at a high level.

I’ve been living in Southern California since 2005 and last year I saw Steve Ballmer get a personal tour at an L.A. soccer game, so the man gets out of the house a lot. I also think about what motivational tactic Doc Rivers has used to motivate this group a lot, like the time he stashed a bunch of $100s in the ceiling at Staples Center when he coached the Celtics.

Onto today’s links:

A big win Tuesday for the Clippers over the Thunder; Blake’s recap is here. Attention now turns to the next big game, Thursday against the Rockets.

We’re starting to see this with the roll the Clippers are on lately, but with a full-strength team available, the Clippers are a contender, argues The Ringer.

That said, Paul George declares himself “a work in progress” while battling injuries and settling in, according to ESPN.

So if Steve Ballmer buys the Forum, Clinton Yates argued on The Jump that knocking down the Lakers’ old home to build a new Clippers arena would be a “Biff Tannen-level flex.” Sure would turn heads locally, especially with it being just around the corner from the new NFL stadium.

Marcus Morris has had his ups and downs as a pro, but he’s locked in on an NBA title with the Clippers: “I’m happy to be a part of something bigger than myself, and trying to get a championship.” He’s also got a big fan in Landry Shamet, writes the OC Register.

Power Rankings: This week’s ranks put the Clippers back in the top five, and if they beat Houston, too, they’ll probably keep moving up.

In broader NBA news, the ongoing feud between Spike Lee and the New York Knicks continues, with both sides looking fairly silly so far.