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The best Clipper to wear No. 10

Happy Friday!

LA Clippers

Throughout the history of the franchise, 13 different players have worn No. 10 for the Clippers. The first was Don Adams in 1976, and the most recent was Derrick Walton this past season.

It was a tough decision, and the final vote came down to two players, Eric Gordon and Norm Nixon. However, I’m giving the nod to Nixon, who played with the Clippers from 1983 through 1989. He missed two full seasons because of a knee injury and an achilles injury from 1986 through 1988.

During his tenure with the Clippers, he averaged just under 15 points a game, to go along with nine assists. To this date, Nixon is one of the greatest Clippers when it comes to distributing the ball. His 9.0 assists per game are the second best in team history, behind Chris Paul.

He led the NBA in total assists in the 1983-1984 season with 914, and was an NBA All-Star during the 1984-1985 season.

Here’s where Nixon falls in the all-time Clippers rankings:

  • 2,540 assists (4th)
  • 9.0 assists per game (2nd)
  • 38.2 assist percentage (3rd)