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On this day in LA Clippers history...DeAndre Jordan is an NBA season leader

Big man leads league in two categories.

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Clippers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

DeAndre Jordan finished off the 2013-14 NBA season with the Los Angeles Clippers on this day in 2014 with an impressive stat haul, so good he led in two categories.

Jordan posted the top field goal percentage for the season (67.6%) and the most rebounds (13.6 per game) around the league, becoming just the third player to accomplish that over the past 40 years:

In fact, he led the league in field goal percentage for five consecutive seasons, all with the Clippers, and had the best rebounding average for two of those years, too. His FG% and rebounding averages were also best in the league the following season, and they were both higher than in this 2013-14 campaign.

In the past, big men having gaudy FG% totals was held against them to an extent, as they often finished nearly everything at the rim. But in the current-day NBA, where risk/reward assessments for shot selection and playing the percentages are so ingrained in the sport like never before, yes, players like Jordan pick up most of their buckets at the rim, but it’s a high-percentage shot! No need to denigrate it.

As Sabreena recently noted when commemorating Jordan taking the franchise crown for rebounds, he’s a player who spent a decade with the Clippers and should be among the first to have his number retired. A remarkably efficient player who remains underrated around the league but was a star to Clippers fans, DeAndre Jordan was a literal league leader, many times over, to help lead the LA Clippers revival this century.