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The best Clipper to wear No. 4

A very underrated Clipper

Today is April 4, meaning it’s time to decide who the greatest Clipper to ever wear the No. 4. This was a tough decision, as there are two players that could easily be the winner. However, we are going to give the edge to Ron Harper. The other player that got high consideration was J.J. Redick.

Overall, 15 different players have worn No. 4 for the Clippers, with the first being Mike Silliman in 1971, and the most recent being JaMychal Green this past season.

The Clippers acquired Harper from the Cleveland Cavaliers shortly after the beginning of the 1989 season. In the deal, the Clippers traded to Cleveland the rights to Danny Ferry.

Harper averaged 23 points, along with five rebounds and five assists in his first season in Los Angeles. Throughout his tenure with the Clippers, Harper averaged just under 20 points a game. Had he played more games during his first two seasons with the team, he likely would have found himself in the top 10 of every offensive category in franchise history. A knee injury early in his Clippers tenure cost him a huge chunk of games.

When healthy, Harper was truly one of the more underrated players in the league. He was never named an All-Star, but consistently put up 20/5/5 for the Clippers on a nightly basis.

Here’s where Harper ranks in Clippers franchise history:

606 steals (4th)

37.7 minutes per game (5th)

19.3 points per game (7th)

2.0 steals per game (2nd)

Highlights from one of his best games as a Clipper