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On this date: Blake Griffin posterizes Pau Gasol... twice

Poor Pau


Throughout his career with the Clippers, Blake Griffin had a high number of posterizing dunks. From Kendrick Perkins to Timofey Mozgov, there were a lot of players that were on the receiving end of a poster dunk.

On this date eight years ago, Pau Gasol was added to that list.... not once, but twice.

The first dunk came just one minute into the game. Randy Foye shot a three from the corner and missed, and out of nowhere comes Griffin. He soars up and grabs the rebound mid-air, proceeding to dunk it right over Gasol, who didn’t even see it coming.

This right here was arguably Griffin’s best put-back dunk during his time with the Clippers. The slow motion angle of him mid-air catching the rebound and then dunking it is utterly incredible.

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Twice. (April 4, 2012)

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The next dunk came later in the game, midway through the third quarter. This one was a true one-on-one posterization that Griffin had done so many times. Sure, it might have been an offensive foul, but seeing Griffin jump and proceed to take it to the next level while airborne will never get old.

My personal favorite moment from this dunk isn’t the dunk itself, but it’s when DeAndre Jordan pushes Griffin after seeing him complete it. Even he was in disbelief of what he just witnessed.

Man these Lob City Clippers teams were so much fun. Hard to believe this game was eight years ago already.