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The best Clipper to wear No. 8

This is a tough one!

LA Clippers v Golden State Warriors - Game Five Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Sometimes, while combing through the list of players to decide who was the best to wear a particular number for the LA Clippers, the answer is obvious. Other times, it’s a real dilemma.

Such is the case for No. 8. Why is it so tough? Primarily because this number is another “hot potato” in Clippers history. All told, 17 players have worn it, but most have worn it a year or two, with the player moving in and out almost as soon as he arrived.

Portland Trailblazers vs. Los Angeles Clippers Photo by Brian Drake/NBAE via Getty Images

One of the best candidates is also one to wear it longer than anyone, Marques Johnson. The versatile forward/guard wore No. 8 for the Clips for three seasons, and his tenure was capped with an NBA All-Star selection in 1985-86. Unfortunately, a severe neck injury effectively ended his career the following season, so even one with a good run ended it on a very bittersweet note.

There was Bison Dele, known at the time as Brian Williams, who wore No. 8 for a single season with the Clippers and enjoyed his second-best season of his career in 1995-96. Dele’s story ended even worse than Johnson’s. After retiring, Dele was reportedly murdered by his own brother during a private cruise on the high seas, before the brother himself died before he could go to court.

On a brighter note, Hedo Turkoglu wore No. 8 to finish his NBA career with the Clippers. Nate Robinson played on two 10-day contracts with LA in the No. 8 in 2015. Jeff Green then passed through and donned it — basically, remember a guy, and it feels like he wore No. 8 for the Clippers at some point.

Probably the highlight in recent years was Danilo Gallinari. A transitional figure, Gallo was part of the trade that shipped out Jamal Crawford, but also departed as part of the trade that brought Paul George to the Clippers this season. The Italian’s 2017-18 season was injury-plagued, but he was a solid contributor last season, averaging a tick under 20 points per game as a solid secondary scoring option and posting a career high in ppg and rebounds per game in LA.

The most recent No. 8 was Maurice Harkless, who was traded for Marcus Morris earlier this year.

So, it really comes down to Marques Johnson or Danilo Gallinari. Separated by decades, it may be difficult to make a fair call on this, depending on how much of Johnson’s game you saw back in the day.

But who do you think should get the edge? Here’s a convenient poll to help decide it, thanks in advance for voting.


Which No. 8 was the best Clipper?

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    Marques Johnson
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    Danilo Gallinari
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