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Ranking Clippers Jerseys (2000-2014)

The rankings continue

Phoenix Suns v Los Angeles Clippers Photo by Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

This is the fourth edition where we’ve been ranking Clippers uniforms throughout the history of the team. We’ve highlighted the jerseys from Buffalo, San Diego and the early Los Angeles days. Today, we’ll be ranking some of your favorite Clippers jerseys, and likely the uniforms they wore when you became a fan of the team.

The team re-branded in 2000, and then they did the same a decade later. We’ll be going over the best and the worst of the Clippers uniforms from 2000 through 2014.

8.) L.A. Stars (2012)

Celebrating the 45th anniversary of the ABA’s founding, the Clippers unveiled this red, white and blue jersey in 2012. Thank goodness they wore em for only one season.

Baby blue looks great, and the stars on the side are nice, but overall these look like they were created by an elementary school student. The font looks awful, the numbers are too big, and the stripes are all over the place.

I appreciate what they were going for and love that these were supposed to look vintage and retro, but these were a miss.

7.) Away red (2010-2014)

The red looks great, and that’s about it. As I’ll mention later in this article, the road jersey the Clippers wore prior to this one was simple, but yet it worked. Too many things were changed with this road jersey that I just didn’t like.

They made the switch on the front, putting “Los Angeles” as opposed to just “Clippers”. It looks too small, and it just doesn’t really pop. They switched from white numbers to blue numbers, and I just don’t think it works well here. They have the logo near the top of the jersey, but it just seems way too low, pushing everything else on the jersey lower than they need to be.

6.) Alternate blues (2000-2010)

I’m still trying to figure it out, but there’s just something about these uniforms I could never get behind. I don’t know what it was. The Clippers didn’t wear these too frequently during the decade, and maybe there’s a reason why.

It was the only jersey that said “Los Angeles” on it as opposed to “Clippers”. Maybe the blue is too dark? Maybe it’s the white outline? I want to like them, but like I said, there’s just something about these that has them near the bottom of my list.

5.) Home whites (2010-2014)

The Clippers re-branded and made these their home uniforms for five years. These were fine, and I actually like them a lot, but they were definitely a downgrade from their previous ones.

The logo on the front was smaller, and I personally wasn’t a fan of the blue letters with a red outline. I liked what they did on the side of the jersey with the red and blue, and the change of numbers looks really good here.

This jersey stands fine on its own, but when you compare it to what came before it... not so good.

4.) 2014 Sleeved alternate

If you read my piece on the San Diego uniforms, you know that I was really torn about this jersey. If this didn’t have sleeves, it would be higher on my list, however the sleeves just ruin them for me.

Nonetheless, sleeves aside, these are some of my favorite Clippers jerseys ever. I’m an absolute sucker for the baby blue, and it just works so well for the Clippers. I’ve always been a fan of this color scheme, and really hope that the team eventually transitions back to this. The baby blue, red and white looks really clean, and it gives the Clippers a one-of-a-kind uniform in the NBA.

Overall, these were perfect.... you know, aside from that whole “sleeve-phase” the NBA went through. Thank goodness that came to an end.

3.) Away red (2000-2010)

Simple. But yet, a classic. These were the road jerseys for the Clippers for the first decade. LA was one of the few teams in the league to rock this kind of red, and it worked. The logo across the middle looks great, along with the blue outline on the jersey.

Again, there isn’t really much to this jersey, but a lot of the time simple is simply better.

2.) Blue alternates (2010-2014)

Though the rebrand wasn’t entirely awful, they didn’t really improve on any of the jerseys. However, I think the one that was actually improved on were these blue alternates. I can’t really figure it out, but something about these are just really clean.

The blue looks perfect, and the white font outlined in red really stands out. I like what they did on the side of the jerseys with the design. You can’t really make it out here, but they were white with a red stripe that went through it.

Simple, but I think this was the best of the re-brand.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

1.) Home whites (2000-2010)

For a lot of fans, these are the jerseys that immediately come to mind. The Clippers wore these at home for a decade, and are what a lot of fans remember them wearing when becoming fans of the team. Fan-favorites such as Corey Maggette, Sam Cassell, Darius Miles, Quentin Richardson and more all rocked these back in the day.

Though simple, there’s a reason fans continue to love these jerseys. The bold clippers logo across the jersey looks classic, and it’s still the fan-favorite logo to this date. The red numbers with the blue outlines, along with the jersey being outlined in blue just looks perfect.

No matter what, these jerseys will always hold a special place in my heart, along with millions of other Clippers fans.

John McDonough/SI/Icon SMI

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